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Tsuei Ma-Ma(TMM )Housing Center was established on Oct. 15, 1989 to address issues of lack of affordable rental housing and to break the monopoly control by private rental agencies in metropolitan area of Taipei. It is named after Mrs. Tsuei-Chen SweiJing who was one starting volunteer’s mother of “Houseless People’s Union”(Also called “Shell-less snail”), attended the hundred houseless couples wedding which took place at CKS Memorial Hall staged by “Shell-less snail”. She passed away of lung cancer on Oct. 1, 1989 – 3 days after the activity. We honor her by naming this group as she support “Housing is the basic right of human”.


  • Be concerned about all public matters related to housing issues, provide assistance in solving housing problems, and enhance the quality of the living environment.
  • Evaluate the quality of information on housing and life, and protect the interests of consumers.
  • Conduct research in housing policy and investigate rental issues, and promote the enactment of related policies.
  • Help the disadvantaged in solving housing problems, use surveys to study the formation of those problems, gain an understanding of the social factors involved, and promote housing policies to protect the welfare of the disadvantaged.


Rental service

  • We build a bridge between home owners and tenants, information is available through our service window, fax on demand and website.
  • We educate and remind mutual parties about renting duties and rights.
  • We provide assistance to the disad- vantaged in renting a home such as solitary seniors, low-to-moderate in- come people and single parent family to rent a home and refer them to other welfare resource. We also accompany the disadvantaged to visit rentals.
  • We provide free counseling for rental entanglement.

Mover services evaluation and recommendation

  • We establish an evaluation system that uses questionnaires filled out by customers as a mean to dynamically review moving companies’ quality of service.
  • We meditate the disputes between moving companies and customers.

Social Development

  • Housing policy observation and legislation
  • Community improvement program, such as publish the community periodical and community environmental enhancement.
  • Internship of the Social Work students


  • Our number of home owners, Annual: 15,000 people, To-date grand total: 150,000 people
  • Our number of tenants, Annual: 35,000 people, To-date grand total: 350,000 people
  • Case number of free legal counseling Annual: 500 cases To-date: 3,500 cases.
  • Collection of Questionnaire, Annual 6,000 copies. To-date: 20,000 copies.

We produced a sample lease that is more neutral than ones available elsewhere.

  • Tenant’s Handbook: This handbook shows tenants some techniques how to pick a home and negotiate the rent.
  • Legal Handbook for House Renting: This handbook includes legal knowledge and related regulations that both home owner and tenant should know about.
  • Moving Handbook: This handbook educates consumers about their rights and duties in the moving issue, as well as the skills of packing and several reminders before, during and after the moving.
  • Moving Agreement: We set up a moving agreement and require our assessed moving companies to sign it with their consumers about their rights and duties.
  • Mover Assessment System: This system successfully introduces a positive circle into the moving market. It also assists the moving companies to abandon their traditional business style and accept more professional concepts.

We made the chaotic moving market an issue. The governmental authorities started to regulate the industry.

  • The Institute of Transportation of Mini- stry of Transportation and communica-. tions commissioned TMM to conduct a research on “the establishment of eva- luation system and quality assurance system for the legitimate moving companies.”
  • The inclusion of a tax break for tenants: This tax law was passed in the Legislative Yuen on Dec. 28, 2000.
  • Environmental enhancements of the college community and Wen-chou park (the neighborhood of our office) with the involvement of the area residents.
  • Community activities, such as community banner festival,, children’s adoption of the Wen-chou park area, community guided tour and etc.
  • Winner of “Best website, Social Service Category” in the 1999 Taiwan Internet Award.

Translator: Ann Kao, Harry Hobson and Esther Lee

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